Hi again, Oh Technology! So it seems as…

Hi again,
Oh Technology! So it seems as though the password for the group login is not working at this point in time. The Plan B is that I will send individuals an invitation to edit, via their email, on the day that they are scheduled to contribute to the collaborative project. On the free version of Avatist, we can have 5 attached emails at any given time. In order for Plan B to work, you must fill out the Google Form first. Via the Form, I will get your email, the days you are available, and the courses you wish to contribute to. Once the Form is complete, I also add you as a Collaborator to the schedule. Should you need to change your time for any reason, you can do so, once you are on the permission list.
Apologies for any hassle this may be adding to your life.
If you are ready to contribute before your assigned day, I would recommend getting your contribution ready on Word beforehand. We have a link to what the book is looking like on the schedule. Please take a peek before you begin your contribution.
Thanks for your awesomeness,
PS. I truly think that all of this hassle will be worth it when we are done. I can’t wait to read everyone’s contributions!!!

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