Hi Agnieska. This is an interesting conc…

Hi Agnieska. This is an interesting concept and you’re right that it is difficult trying to navigate in a foreign country. Having worked with adults new to Canada, and seen their struggles, I think this is a good venture with tons of potential. Many adults I have worked with had to take the driving test numerous times before they passed. I do think, however, that investors in this would require some further information. Some questions/concerns I would have as an investor. How realistic is it that you can count on them being able to buy a car with bluetooth? The future of cars…many predictions are that car shares/transit/ etc will be taking over and individual car ownership is on the decline. If I were an investor, I’d want to make sure the need is there for the long term. It would be great if you could include some images or video (visuals) to see how this would work. To conclude, I think this venture holds a great deal of promise and I’m impressed with your information and effort here in these pitches!

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