HI AI team! Thanks for this week’s OER….

HI AI team! Thanks for this week’s OER. As I reflect on the content, I’m wondering about barriers to entry and the level of investment needed to introduce a product. Do you think that the path forward for a new venture is to build a new AI platform? Or is the path ahead building on one of the large vendor platforms, such as IBM Watson? Thinking about Korbit, they spent 2.5 years on their efforts, that’s a long road to get to market. I wonder how much they leveraged platforms vs. building their own.

One more thing, padlet is giving me grief. When I post, it states that the page has changed and asks if I want to stay or reload. I made the mistake of clicking reload, and my post disappeared. I since tried “stay” which looked like it worked, but I know see that my posts have disappeared.