Hi Albert, You have an interesting ventu…

Hi Albert,
You have an interesting venture here and one that I think has investment potential. Your elevator pitch was clear and focussed and that helped put me in a positive frame of mind to read your pitch. An academic manager is a service I could see a lot of parents adopting once they see it in action. Word of mouth in a wealthy neighbourhood would be all the advertising you would need. Most students don’t have a plan for how to reach their goals and this service solves this. I don’t think the home school market is necessarily the best place to target this venture. I see it as a natural offshoot of the private school system where parents have already paid to make sure their child has an “edge”. This type of programme helps them target specific pathways to a goal. Although storefronts are an option, I would save your money andncapitalize on the digital communication tools available and supplement this with on-site visits to homes. This is appealing to the busy family. With the added tweaks mentioned I am very interested in the potential of Personalized Education Inc. Count me in!

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