HI Ali, I was interested in Babbel 1.0 s…

HI Ali,
I was interested in Babbel 1.0 so I took a peek at their website. Your development of a new version is a good way to start a venture. It is always smart to find success and work off of it. Your pitch is a bit text heavy for the average investor to get through, but what you have to say is very interesting. School French programmes are always searching for better ways to persuade students to stay in the programme. At our school, the grade twelve French class is down to about 6 students from 140 in grade nine. Your decision to use audio, video and visuals will make the programme appealing. I also think your research (McGee, 2014) helps to make Babbel 2.0 easier to sell to investors. Your “Why Invest” in Babbel 2.0 page leans heavily on the past success of Babbel 1.0 and I would like to see a little more information about the future. I would also like to know how you plan to invest the money I give you: sales, or development of the product? Although Babbel 1.0 is successful I would need a little more information before I jump into this interesting sounding venture. Good work Ali!

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