Hi Ali! like my classmates, I also went…

Hi Ali! like my classmates, I also went a reviewed Babbel to learn more about it before diving into your venture pitch. I like that you had focused on the areas that were lacking and updated Babbel to be more appealing. It would be nice to explain why the additions and how it will support/advance learning of language. However, the venture upgrades were more focused on the educational changes, such as micro lessons and sensory learning through visual and audio. Is there more that can be done with the wide range of technological capabilities. As a learner, how do I know if what i’m saying is correct? Is there a form of tracking or assessing my progress/improvement? Video capabilities? conferences? I am unclear if i’m investing to be part of a trend or to advance the education sector. I’m also not sure what the direction of this venture is. The innovations in the 2.0 edition are valuable, but has not brought the product to the 21st century of technological advancement that it could be.

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