Hi Ali! Thank you for sharing you ventur…

Hi Ali! Thank you for sharing you venture with us. I enjoyed your elevator pitch but I do think it could have been more effective if there was a voiceover and more information about the revised Babbel 2.0. Your venture pitch was well designed and easy to follow. You had clearly done your research on the initial Babbel venture and did have some compelling reasons defending the need for a revised version. What I am left wondering is whether Babbel 2.0 is a new venture opportunity or an extension of the existing company. If the later is true, then I would argue that this is a sales pitch as opposed to a venture pitch. As has been stated below, I am also wondering why an investment is required. If Babbel is a successful company with over a million users, why does it need more investors? It would be assumed that the company is making enough capital to reinvest in itself. I admire the fact that you took on the tricky task of revising an existing company; however, from an investor perspective I would need more details before investing.

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