Hi Andrew, First of all congratulation o…

Hi Andrew,
First of all congratulation on the venture! It’s great to see that you brought your idea to life and are making some profit from it. It looks like a high quality product and the course outline for European history was very engaging – I would have loved watching something like that in high school. It did however raise my first concern, copyright. There were many movies clips/stills in that video and I worry about copyright infringement selling something like that. I’m also not clear what your ask is. You did not specify a specific amount or clarify what it would be used for. I am assuming it was to pay you a salary of sorts? I’m also not clear how I would make my money back as an investor. Do I receive a portion of the profits? Overall I think selling story based history lessons is a great idea. I’m just not sure how an investor would profit from it and for that reason I would not invest. Good job though and I wish you great success!

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