Hi Anne, Great choice, I have used Edmot…

Hi Anne,
Great choice, I have used Edmoto for other MET projects so I was drawn to your entrepreneur. I think it is great that Borg has worked in the education field for 7 years developing IT platforms for education. This tells me that he knows about education and what teachers might want in a program. I would guess (and I know I should not) that he has worked directly with teachers in the past. It’s interesting that you say he “plans to stay with the company in any capacity in which they will have him”. Is this because he really loves the company or is this statement intended to say that he does not have the same place he did when he co-founded it? It seems like a good company but I wonder if he is an innovator or CEO. Will he stay in the company as a leader or in another capacity? The app itself is great because it has a social feeling while remaining educational.

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