Hi Anne, Your mention of Nic’s personal…

Hi Anne, Your mention of Nic’s personal/professional experiences (in addition to his qualifications) as having helped catalyze the venture, helps to illustrate his motivation. He had an idea, and he certainly went after it! If I had to sum the value proposition up in one sentence I’d say this is definitely the splicing of social media tools and education into a platform to support learning. This is something that not all other learning platforms attempt or can attest to. Social media is a very large part of digital culture currently, particularly that of the “net-gen” (if they can all be lumped into one category that is). It is an interesting selling point to use the tools/practices of the generation to fuel the project’s success. The video certainly highlights this aspect well so I appreciate it’s inclusion. It’s too bad it’s so hard to find info on his team structure. I wonder if you think this might hurt the reputability of the venture at all?

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