Hi Anne, Your website is wonderfully eas…

Hi Anne,
Your website is wonderfully easy to navigate and very well designed. Your data is a great way to show the growth of online learning, but I think you should also look at health and wellness data for the age group you are pursuing. I would also take out the 2004-2005 data. I was really taken by the idea of students having a way to exit the onslaught that is first year university with an app like Brain Yogi that gives them a chance to be mindful. I think that this type of app is helpful for kids but even more helpful, in a big data sense, to universities and colleges. As an EVA, I recommend that you market it to universities and colleges as part of a freshman package. By taking the data and putting it in the hands of school counsellors, I think it is more possible for large schools like University of Toronto to identify potential ‘high-risk’ students or a select group that counsellors could keep a closer eye on as they move through the system. The team you have assembled is wonderful and I think they have the credentials to get you in the door at most of Canada’s big universities. This shift to selling to big schools changes who you are competing against which is important in a market like this that is so saturated. If you are able to secure a contract with a big university, I am happy to recommend this product to investors, based on the mental health and wellness problems it will solve. Great Job Anne!

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