Hi Brenda! Thank you for the kind words!…

Hi Brenda! Thank you for the kind words!

Yes, I did think on the issue of privacy. I envisioned the students would sign off on a consent form at the beginning of the semester as part of installing the plugin on the matter of when they run their browser in class for class work, it would be monitored for feedback purposes, the parents as well would need to be notified of this. That in a way would probably help students stay focused during class time, as personally from a teacher’s perspective, students have no business checking facebook during synchronous class time anyway.

You raise a good point on the teacher being able to see more than one student’s screen at a time. From a teacher’s perspective, I’m not quiet sure of the pro or con on seeing multiple screens at once: similar to in a face-to-face classroom when a teacher walks around to see how students are doing, they usually tend to focus on one student at a time, or one group at a time but I feel that is definitely something from a software perspective that could be looked at, whether feasible or not.

Thanks again for your input!

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