Hi Brian. From a girl who is NOT a video…

Hi Brian. From a girl who is NOT a video game player, I was thoroughly impressed with your elevator and venture pitch. Your passion for your product is infectious and you addressed important points- pain point, solution, differentiation, marketing, championship, competition, the ask and the return. I was impressed that you were able to fit so much information in your 1 minute elevator pitch, and 8 minute venture pitch, but sometimes I found it difficult to follow along and had to pause and re-watch. In my other course, ETEC 510, we are currently on a module that discusses video games and learning. Something that has been brought up numerous times is your paint point. The inability of educational games to “hook” students like commercial games do. I actually shared the link to your venture pitch, because I think your product hits the nail on the head for this pain point. That being said, while I believe you have a fantastic product, I would not invest in Steam Education because I personally believe it touches on a growing concern in our culture. Not only videogame addiction, but the number of hours youth already spend on technology screen time. Excellent job with both your elevator pitch and venture pitch. I was thoroughly engaged through the whole presentation, but for personal reasons would not invest in your venture.

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