Hi Brian Great venture pitch. You addres…

Hi Brian
Great venture pitch. You addressed all the important points: pain point, solution, differentiation, marketing, championship, competition, the ask and the return yet still “telling a well-told story” (which is really the whole point of the pitch). I like the way you identified the pain point AND solution early on so that I could have these visions in my head as your presentation continued. It was continually reinforced as I watched your video.
My only question is the “results” for the teachers. Time is a very valuable asset for teachers. I’m not a steam user so don’t understand what steam points are – is this a big enough incentive for teachers to contribute their time?
I definitely see a value in this as the current educational games on the market are well below the quality of the gaming industry AND if a connection can be made for educational value in playing these games (something SOOOO many students are doing already) I think could go a long way especially for computational thinking skills – a very new and highly sought after skill.

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