Hi Brian, I love how engaging you have m…

Hi Brian, I love how engaging you have made your presentation. Your video editing skills are quite impressive and I enjoyed your enthusiastic narration within videos. I would suggest slowing down when talking so users, such as myself, are able to follow more easily and have to rewind the video less often. This is a great idea and one I would personally be interested in investing in. STEAM is one of the largest libraries of video games for the PC platform and the educational potential you have outlined exciting. I have tried to used game based learning in the classroom and have had some minor successes. A game such as Civilization 5 would be great to modify and develop for educational purposes and I can see a real potential for many others. I do like the aspect of creators being rated to ensure quality and encourage production of content. I believe this is a great way for STEAM/Valve to grow or for a company to take advantage of these more engaging and affordable games. Great presentation overall and thank you for your contribution. Marshall

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