Hi Brian, I love the direction you took…

Hi Brian,

I love the direction you took this A3 – Venture Pitch. I’ve been an avid gamer since I was a kid, and have had my own STEAM account since I was about 10. It is inspirational to see a venture that modifies an existing product into an educational tool. As a K-12 teacher, I have found that games could be an easy way to create relationships and make meaningful connections with students. Therefore, I am fully in support of your venture in STEAM Education. Your video was clearly scripted, well thought out for investors and creatively put together.

If I had to offer up a piece of advise for improvement, I’d suggest breaking down your content into simpler terms so you have the time to speak slower, but still provide the same point across or add visuals to support the commentary. As someone who is familiar with STEAM, games, educational resources as a K-12 teacher, I still had to re-watch parts of your video to fully understand the “selling features” you were portraying. For example, from 2:45 – 4:15 you have an image of a computer screen that has 2-3 words appear every 30-40 seconds while you are speaking fairly fast. I would have benefited more from additional visuals to connect the sale to the content.

Otherwise, I really appreciated your elevator and venture pitch. Great idea with a realistic potential in the applicable world. Good detail with logistics when presenting your selling points and easy format for the general audience. As an “investor,” my favourite part of your video was the Competition section. The dollar value in conjunction with the lack of existing competition sold your product.

Thank you for your work,


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