Hi Brian. Thanks for the comments. You r…

Hi Brian. Thanks for the comments. You raise an important issue about school/classroom/student equity and by extension how it might impact my venture. I will be honest that this was one of the areas I was debating about including in the pitch, especially as I personally think many people underestimate VR’s accessibility, but I was concerned that I did not have enough space to include it. From my own experience, I know my school district has provided a set of Google Cardboards (33) for every single high school. When combined with the 94% rate of student device ownership by age 14 in our district (this is even with a significant portion of our schools being located in areas classified as economically challenged or “inner city”), the use of VR would certainly be possible on at least a class wide basis. Further, with the cost of Cardboards being so low (I’ve seen them as low as $15 each), we have received a commitment from our district that they will purchase more if we demonstrate their regular use. While this is just one urban district’s experience, I would argue that this at least demonstrates the feasibility of this venture concept. That being said, your idea of providing hardware is intriguing. I know one of the sets of Cardboards our school received were labeled with “SESQUI” and were associated with Canada 150 project by that name. Part of the funding scheme could therefore include the offer of providing one base set of hardware, with space for advertising and sponsorship logos. Thanks for the ideas and discussion points!

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