Hi Briar, Nicely done. Here are few poin…

Hi Briar,

Nicely done. Here are few points that stood out for me:

Your phased start-up chart was very insightful. It read as a view into your thought process for this venture, which was nice. Identifying the need to put a MVP (minimum viable product) out the door was great to see as this is often overlooked.

The key to the success of this business seems to be proliferation and getting your numbers up. In this vain, how you are approaching the marketing of your product was a bit confusing for me. Getting right in front of everyone who’s trying to access journal articles is what you’re after here. Would this not be through library systems? If you could figure out how to partner with large libraries, or even cosy up to the software companies and form a partnership, perhaps you’d achieve that end.

While your dream team has a very polished presence, but the qualifications of your COO and in particular your CMO don’t seem very strong given the undertaking you are looking to pursue. This poses a potential credibility problem for investors. I would be inclined to look for people with expertise in marketing for a marketing position.

You did a great job with this venture pitch. I am keen to know if you’re going to run with it.


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