Hi Briar, Thanks for your review. You to…

Hi Briar, Thanks for your review. You touch on some great points. I left pedagogy out of this due to the target investment audience who I believe to be more focused on other areas. It is clear I missed some detail on the “how this actually works” part of my pitch. I am regretful of that as there were many ideas. I think some of that woul have filled in the gaps for you.

This is a fictional company, but some of the concepts (particularly microlearning) are aligned with some ideas I am brewing and certainly some of the research I did may be applied to a venture in the future.

To address your questions about the affiliate revenue model. This would be a revenue model that I would expect to bring into play by year 3 of roll-out. The basic concept is to partner with services that are offered through the company’s benefit plan (eg: eye exams, massage) and select particular companies who would pay CompanyCAVU for advertising in the app. If an employee clicked on a coupon or ad from the CompanyCAVU app for that service with that particular company, CompanyCAVU would recieve a referral fee.

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