Hi Bruno The elevator pitch is longer th…

Hi Bruno
The elevator pitch is longer than 1 min. The problem that you are solving is clearly stated and the business model is also well illustrated.
The venture pitch makes it clear for the investor to understand what the product is about. The idea is great and one contract with the government can sustain the company for a long period. This is a niche market and competition is low. You can sell this service through educational platforms such as Edmodo. I love how you know the market and the competition. The team working on this product is suitable to build the entire product properly. My only concern is on the return on investment and the money you are generating. I would suggest that you ask for a larger amount of money. You can do that by stating that your company is a global company. Investors are taking risks for high profits. You already have a proof of concept and the company is making money. I would ask for a much larger amount such as 500,000.00 USD and make it a global company with millions of dollars in forecasted sales.