Hi Bryan, Great elevator/venture pitch….

Hi Bryan,
Great elevator/venture pitch. I think they were both clear and concise. I would have liked to see some of the charts/graphics in the venture pitch full screen. I do think that you identified a pain point, I always hated reading 20+ page journal articles in university. They often were boring and sometimes impossible to understand. I think creating a software that actively engages learners with the readings could be very successful. It would also be helpful for instructors to known where the struggles are prior to class. I also like that it has the option for peer interaction. With that said I am not sure student will want to use the software. It has a bit of a big brother effect and if I didn’t complete my readings or just did them before class I wouldn’t want my instructor to know. I also think it might be challenging to get teachers off of platform the institution already subscribes to. I would consider investing in this product but would wait for proof of concept first.

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