Hi Casey, I’d be doing a cartwheel after…

Hi Casey,

I’d be doing a cartwheel after meeting Elon Musk as well! I think you have something really original here with Wonderville – something that creates those “aha” moments that really open insight and exploration for students and observers. What I think sets your platform apart from others is the ability to do STEM and do it well in a way that is engaging. What I like is something that few companies seem to be doing today – build the resources and have teachers earn from them. I have used TeacherPayTeachers in the past to submit work that I have created and feel what you offer is the next step. The difficulty with education is two things: keeping up to date while juggling schedules and timelines and willingness to share. You offer a resource that seems to offer a balance to both.

One thing that I’m wondering about and that I didn’t see in your presentation is how teachers will earn back their money once the payments begin. Will there be a threshold required before payment occurs? The reasoning behind this is because transaction fees could prove to be expensive which would affect long-term profits.

Overall, awesome work!


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