Hi Cassy, your pain point of education b…

Hi Cassy, your pain point of education being difficult to juggle schedules and timelines and willingness to share with lack of compensation- really got my attention. I like the idea of integrating STEM more into classrooms, and your venture would help make it a reality. Being an educator with 0 business experience, I really appreciated the numbers side of your venture pitch. I wish that I saw your presentation before doing the numbers side of my own venture because your numbers were pitched beautifully in a very concise and straight forward way! One thing that I would have liked to see more is the explanation of Wonderville and how exactly it would benefit teachers. What are teachers currently doing now vs. after using your product? Examples of how lessons are shared, and when they are shared, how they are used would have painted a nice picture and give a better overview of Wonderville. Overall, excellent pitch! I think that this product is something that can be beneficial to educators.

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