Hi Cathy. Good presentation. You identif…

Hi Cathy. Good presentation. You identified a potential need, and proposed a solution that seems to fulfill the need. You identified many competitors in the market and nicely identified how you are different. Good job. Your project plan identifies that you can make $1.36 million with a reoccurring revenue stream of $1.2M with only one province wide adoption of the tool, which will appeal to investors looking for a return on their investment. Your start-up capital is probably good but it would be nice to see an indication of where the money is being spent (development team, overhead cost, marketing, etc). It would also be nice to see someone with a software development background in your leadership group. One major omission in this plan is the barriers of entry and risks. I would expect that a province purchasing a portfolio tool for $1.2M dollars might be low on their list of priorities and that some teachers may have already adopted their own tools and methods in producing learner portfolios, using a combination of free or low cost alternatives. How are you going to increase stakeholder awareness of the improved usability and importance of your tool to overcome these barriers and convince them to purchase your product?

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