Hi Chris, I use almost all of the other…

Hi Chris,
I use almost all of the other Google products regularly in my classroom, but have never used Google Classroom because it had too many shortcomings — so I was really was happy to see someone “update” Google Classroom. Certainly the integration of the additional tools (wikis, gradebook, etc.) are welcome and the ability to divide the classroom into separate units is also a huge improvement. I think that these added features make Google Classroom more appealing as a day-to-day course management platform and Google’s existing popularity and market saturation is a boon to making the new and improved Google Classroom a success. I did find that your elevator pitch lacked just a little bit of detail about the products improvements / what problems it would be solving, which may have been problematic if I wasn’t already well informed on what Google Classroom was and what it could do, but after digging a little deeper into your venture, I’d be keen to invest in the updated product.

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