Hi Christine, You seem to have a lot of…

Hi Christine,
You seem to have a lot of passion that you channeled into inspiration for this venture. It is a valuable resource and it seems like a great way to make science more easily accessible and also to allow all students the resources they need to learn how to conduct experiments effectively.
I was a little uncertain whether this resource was a virtual lab where students conduct the experiment on the software, or is it rather a software that allows students to collect data in the classroom that also allows for data collection and analysis?
There is a data collection resource like data studio, the interfaces of these software sometimes take a little while to get used to and to master. How will you ensure that this software and interface is user friendly for that entire age range while still being challenging for students as the progress through each grade? What are the different aspects that still need developing? Is there data collection software that needs to be created? What exactly will an investor’s money be going towards? – graphic designer, computer engineer, and instructional designer?
Great job on this innovative resource.

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