Hi Christopher, I wanted to echo Ryan’s…

Hi Christopher,
I wanted to echo Ryan’s comments on a job well done, as your efforts clearly show in your pitches. I also really liked your venture concept, as it is simple, easily editable by users, and the venture can be grown to cater to any grade level based on user inputs. My comment is not so much about your venture as I think it was really well done, but more so about how the content might be moderated. You mention subreddits and user-moderators, but I’m left wondering if that will be enough to maintain the academic integrity of the site? If one of your main selling features is specifically curated content for academic purposes, it might require more moderation than Reddit uses. Just a thought.
Otherwise, I really like your use of user reinforcement through badging, upvotes and downvotes to encourage ethical and meaningful contribution. I liked how you mention the revenue streams of Reddit, but couldn’t find Lurnt’s revenue stream; if I missed it, just let me know! If our assumption is that it’s similar to Reddit in that it’s ad- and premium user-based, as an EVA I would consider a small angel investment in your venture.
Great job!