Hi Christopher. You have created a reall…

Hi Christopher. You have created a really polished looking pitch. This was probably one of the few times I’ve seen someone use PowToon to create something that look sharp and well done. You’ve clearly spent a lot of time creating it. I think your pitch would be improved if you included more of yourself. What I mean is that maybe including video of yourself between the animations or at least your voice you would better connect with the investors. I think that human connection would help with trust.

I really like the idea you have for your business. My experience as a teacher is that students are really good at finding resources and sharing them with their peers. I have a few follow up question that I think investors might ask:

What safeguards do you have for safety? Many parents will be uncomfortable with their kids on social media, how can you keep them safe?

Sites like reddit have volunteer moderators. Who will be the moderators? For example once you’ve finished biology class will people still hang around to moderate?

Great work and presence.