Hi Claudia, I applaud your ability to ge…

Hi Claudia,
I applaud your ability to get this assignment done so early. Thanks for starting us off.

The business venture is obviously viable with evidence of the growing international market. The exercise of looking at the venture is a difficult one. I find when I am evaluating the product, I want to understand it as the purchaser of the product. I would want to know more about the breakdown of costs and usage, i.e. do my teachers have to be using the product with learners everyday or is it a subscription that gets created but only used once. I wonder as an EVA, do I need to worry about how the product is getting used in schools, or do I just concern myself with persuading them that this product will work magic. Perhaps this is reason teachers get a ‘free’ account, to sell them on the product, this seems like a smart marketing approach get schools involved and then parents will want to continue the practice at home.

I am divided on the privacy and competitive components of the application. The application has a competition for the top 100 Mathletes, this is publicly posted with the name of the team (i.e. school), country and student name. I understand creating a participative global math community, but wondering at having this data available for the age range of the learner. Am I thinking too traditionally?

As an educator, I wonder if this approach is too behaviourist. Again, I am falling into an educator hat vs. an EVA hat, but shouldn’t our understanding of the product and service also look at its overall effectiveness of increasing knowledge construction? I don’t have an account but am wondering if the activities are just drill or if they have elements of constructivist principles, prior knowledge, cognitive dissonance, contextual application and reflection.

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