Hi Cole, Soaring Compass Points presents…

Hi Cole,
Soaring Compass Points presents a very interesting proposition. I do have some concerns after watching your pitches and reading through your content as to why this gap exists in the first place — is it a matter of it not being a lucrative enough endeavour for other publishing companies? This would be something I’d be curious to know more about before investing. As a teacher in Ontario, I know that we really struggle to find textbooks to meet our needs — both for Ontario Social Studies and Ontario Science curriculum so I think there is certainly a market here that SCP could expand into, as well. With that in mind, I agree with the others that your ask – $10K – seems very, very low for a venture of this scale. Even if that is enough, as an investor, I’d want to know more about how those funds will be used to get SCP going. Thanks for sharing!

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