Hi Cole, Thank you so much for sharing t…

Hi Cole,

Thank you so much for sharing this venture! This one was particularly interesting for me as I am working with our BEd program to find resources to support the new social studies curriculum in BC (both primary and secondary) and this year has been a real challenge. I agree with you that so many teachers will feel a need for Canadian-made content on this topic, particularly newer and less experienced teachers. You have done a good job addressing an identified need, and differentiating yourself from the (non-existing!) market. I agree with others who have indicated you might have a conflict of interest with the board and your interest in being the primary developer of the content, and I believe this may be the major weakness of your pitch – having one person writing and presenting content is problematic, and likely to present a limited scope, no matter how careful one is to address breadth.

All this being said, I’m not sure this is strictly an educational venture or an opportunity to contract privately with the province or a particular school division. Many instructors will be happy with their existing resources (from earlier curricula) and other schools will not have the funding to purchase such a package.

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