Hi Craig, Your presentations are well do…

Hi Craig,

Your presentations are well done and show a good level of knowledge of your market. I especially liked your insight when you disagreed with the NMC Horizons Report – in order for gamification to be used more widely, it must be easy for teachers to implement. I feel this is true of many innovations in education.

Overall, I liked your level of market research and appreciated the detail of your pricing model as well as the expected revenues. However, while I appreciated the fact that you want to make gamification easier for teachers to apply in their classrooms, I’m not sure that your venture is sufficiently differentiated from Classcraft – the ability for teachers to use existing teaching materials is one of the features made apparent in their webinar.

Also, I’m not convinced that the avatar-building, RPG form of gamification is really the right way to approach gamification – if a student is not sufficiently motivated by grades, why would s/he be motivated by “experience points” or “attributes” of an avatar?

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