Hi Dan, As a #badmom, I love it. I love…

Hi Dan,

As a #badmom, I love it. I love it. I love it. I have a child in elementary school, and I honestly could not keep up with the pizza lunches, trips, student council, etc. everything came back on different coloured paper and if I didn’t look after it immediately then it got lost under a magnet on the fridge. I can’t even imagine how elementary teachers stay on top of it! I was in senior years and never had this amount of admin, lol. I think this app has great possibilities. Helps teachers with the pain for administrative work and also connects parents with the school.

I am wondering for high school students your app could be less push notification and more student completed. I would love for your app to adapt as students moved up to allow them to start to develop self-regulation skills when it comes to organizing their time for revision.

I am trying to find something to constructively input on, but your concept is well laid out. I suppose, because this is an already established organization, I would want to have more financial data and penetration into the BC market. Since you are concentrating your ask to grow a sales team, I think having an understanding of your successes & failures for sales would be beneficial – who is buying, how you are generating your sales leads, and the time from introduction of product to purchase, would provide an investor with a sense of why you are concentrating on sales. Also $100,000 is not much, so I am assuming sales is primarily commission based, maybe a small draw at the beginning? Is the $100,000 for recruitment and training.

Oh I did find I had to search a bit for the pricing, you could separate this out into a nice visual like your comparison competitor chart.

I know Chris has mentioned security and privacy issues. I think you were thoughtful on your approach for this, and considered some of the big issues – where data is located, how information is shared and having bank level encryption. think diligence in maintaining your security, encryption, regular updates and maintenance. You could also house your data in servers and the buildings that they live in match a certain level of security criteria. Or you could limit the data that is collected. You could also use nicknames or random numeric identifiers. Just ideas if you were pursuing this the venture.

Well done Dan!



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