Hi Dan Great elevator pitch; concise and…

Hi Dan

Great elevator pitch; concise and to the point. This seems like a great idea, although I don’t have children myself, it seems like an application that parents would certainly embrace. The features you describe are great and I think you’ve really covered both sides of usage in that both parents and teachers would find value here. Additionally, you’ve found a system that will actually result in less administrative work for teachers while likely providing more accuracy and accessibility for parents – really a great job.

As an IT Consultant I appreciate your detail regarding security also; it’s refreshing to see someone think about the backend of things and address the requirement of protecting data and keeping it in the country of origin. Many people throw around the idea of using the “cloud” without really thinking about how it works.

In terms of competition, and back to the feature of a digital signature; do you anticipate this being reliant on certain software (or an app) on the smartphone itself? I’m wondering if parents would have to have a PDF writer (instead of just a reader) in order to do this.

This is really great work Dan, I found your venture pitch to be very well thought out and covered anything I could think of really. As a peer, I am thoroughly impressed. As a potential investor, you’d certainly have my buy-in here. Great work!

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