Hi Danielle, for me your review represen…

Hi Danielle, for me your review represents a good example of how an educator can birth and foster an idea for the educational community and therefore create an affinity space for shared social interests. It also looks like he had access to skilled team members to help. I also appreciated the extra links you provided as I was able to see a clear list of additional news resources that helped to illustrate his activities in marketing, networking and pushing his concept further. Thanks for providing this, it is a useful post for me. The only criticism of his website that I could add in addition to your comments (just a thought-bubble unrelated to your review) would be that there’s no up-front pricing model. I had to dig through the help to find out that it’s a subscription based service at “less than 17 cents a day.” This equates to $4.99 per month, a very reasonable cost in my mind that doesn’t need to be hidden.

Side note: you may want to turn comments off (edit this page and un-check comments at the bottom) so people use the reviews feature ( “what do you think of this article” box located at the bottom) rather than comments which can’t be recommended.

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