Hi Danielle, The main question I have, i…

Hi Danielle, The main question I have, is what exactly these “pre-designed challenges and competitions” will look like. Having an avatar and a leaderboard won’t do much if the games aren’t fun, and you say “even 30%” like that will be easy to achieve, but there are thousands of games and other forms of online edutainment out there already to compete with, many of them free. You didn’t mention competition at all. The avatar aspect reminded me of Bitstrips for schools, and that site is also open to any curriculum subject area, although making comics isn’t really a game. Although having a game designer like Di Stefano on your team seems to indicate that you are capable of designing good games, I think your entire proposition rests on how good they are, and there is no mention of that here. If the games aren’t fun, students will not be MotivatEd.

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