Hi Ebru and Marshall, Thank you for your…

Hi Ebru and Marshall, Thank you for your contribution to this week’s learning! I think our classmates have already provided many useful suggestions for your site, so I won’t regurgitate. I will piggyback onto Brian’s comment, however. For the activity, I contacted my school’s 3D printer expert and she highly recommended the Fusion360 program, since that is what her students use. I do not know to what extent this is used in school’s, but it may be fair to assume that my school is not the only school using it. Because schools actually use this program, I really like Brian’s suggestion of reworking the activity page into a step-by-step tutorial page, that have all future students use Fusion360. In the end, this is what I did to “survive” the learning process. Not having any experience with this, I felt a bit useless diving straight into a project. I had their Sketch Tutorial Video on my laptop screen and the program on my big screen. Step-by-step, I created my masterpiece, but this would not have happened any other way. Regardless, I very much appreciated spending the time creating my own copper hockey stick. I love activities that take me out of my usual learning space. Kudos to both of you!

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