Hi Emily, I really like your idea. It ha…

Hi Emily, I really like your idea. It has farther reaching applicability than what you indicate in your pitch, which is a good thing, because that makes greedy investors like me think of ways to exploit your socially conscious idea and make millions of dollars. I think your cost for this app would be around 100K, which is pretty much what you described over two years. Good job. I think you have the right strategy, to partner and employ local talent that have the expertise to create a professional looking and functioning product, and you provide project management and vision. I think you should consider adding marketing to your cost, as it would be good to have an internet wide launch of your product with a strong social marketing campaign (not just to your community). You need to look at your pricing model though. Perhaps having a free version, with ads, and a $1.99 payed version without would provide a better two teared income than trying to charge both the advertiser and the end user in the same offering. After all, you are targeting price conscious consumers. One note about the pitch delivery, using terms like “We Believe” leaves room in the investors mind for doubt. Always use positive and assertive language when pitching products to investors. I would like to invest $200,000 of my imaginary money for 51% of your company as I expect your profits will be much higher than what you predicted.

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