Hi Erin, Where do I sign up? Can we get…

Hi Erin,

Where do I sign up? Can we get your idea to Kickstarter today? $15,000. Easy let’s do it. I think librarians around the world would dance a Reference Quest rain dance to realize this very simple idea! I think the pain point is understood by all teachers and students alike. I know when I actually had to submit a paper for peer review checking and double checking the in-text citations and end references took weeks. Very hard and tedious work.

I like that you thought about how your tool would be integrated directly with your university website, so distribution is easy and in the hands of learners.

Your idea to bring the product as a solution to your university for that price is excellent. Local solution with far reaching impact. I am wondering do you need to recover the cost of $15,000 to pay back investors with some return? Would you sell this design to other libraries? Or do you see the investment as a one-time expense so you would release the code and graphics as Open Source?

Great idea Erin!


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