Hi Esther, Good points and Rodney had th…

Hi Esther, Good points and Rodney had the same confusion about who I was pitching this too. This is great feedback and it forces me to consider the introduction and clarity around who and what I want right at the beginning of the pitch rather than jumping into the details about what I am proposing. The price point is actually quite low given that the beacons are so inexpensive and we can run a pilot of this technology for under $100. Because we can retask the beacons with new information and move them about as needed, the cost would be relatively low for a small or large class which was a key selling point with the group ( I did pitch this and it was accepted as a pilot project). I will use an available app and work with our IT department for the one that will be used for the interactive forest option if the pilot results favour the next phase for this project. The tracking of interactions, feedback and student engagement and staff assessment of results will be the main indicators of this technologies success. The ability to manage a crew of 30 in the field and have the beacons help to direct students through an exercise is a cost savings. It provides the ability to cover content, answer questions and provide hands on field training without additional field crew or staff – this is one potential outcome for the beacons with regards to a cost and benefit analysis. Does this answer your questions?

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