Hi Esther, I think your elevator pitch i…

Hi Esther, I think your elevator pitch is really well done as I enjoyed the graphics but the concept was a little unclear to me. As I went through the venture pitch, I was still a little unsure by what is meant by “onboarding?” Is that simply the beginning process of getting acclimated to a new job? I would have liked to see some specific examples as to how CompanyCAVU streamlines this process or sets it apart from other programs that provide a similar process. I wonder if this should be positioned as a training tool or kind of an career achievement planner. With some more information and details, I think the target or focus on the venture would become more clear to us EVAs. I definitely feel there is a need in this area as retention and time and money spent on human resources is plentiful and any successful business is able to bring down the retention rate. So there is definitely a market for this product. This product feels like it would match better with larger and established businesses to craft and tell stories from different employee successes. I feel that in many small businesses or start-ups, your interaction with everyone allows you to see first-hand the successes and challenges people go through and so when there is a larger corporation, this tool becomes a lot more important in terms of disseminating information and crafting what success looks like across the board. I think it is a good idea Esther!

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