Hi Esther, I used to work in Human Resou…

Hi Esther,

I used to work in Human Resources for a large national company and then ran a small organization so definitely interested in your SaaS for onboarding. There is SO much effort put into recruitment and welcoming new employees! As I was reading your pain points which were clearly laid out and well argued, I was actually starting to feel anxious. LOL. It is stressful because people have often left other jobs for your company and you want it to work out both ways! I definitely understand the need for your product.

I agree that company culture is vital, and you touch on it in your pitch but I want to be hit on the head with ways your approach ties in with a learning theory 🙂 Could you include something about affective learning, belonging, or socially situated contexts for learning about company ethos. I just want a bit flushed out here to understand and trust your expertise in training and learning. (Note: this is coming from an educator, so perhaps investors don’t need this assurance, but I feel it would tip over your great idea into a grounded and well informed one).

I say this because I feel your approach is an important one. From the readings I have been doing in my Constructivist course, I am becoming more and more aware of the importance that affective factors for learning are important for group social cohesion, team commitment, and knowledge sharing and construction. And onboarding is an important area for this to occur, your pitch about people not being – robots – right on point! (Ugh, makes me revisit some of my not so mistakes as a supervisor).

I really do not know anything about the microlearning approach, I have heard the term used and if it is about chunking learning into smaller bits and just in time learning then I definitely see this as an important part of workplace learning, makes complete and total sense. Great idea!

I really like how you laid out your revenue streams. Smart, product is there but the added value of having content designers for creation is a perfect fit. I was also intrigued by your Affiliate stream. I am not sure exactly how you get revenue, you mention the benefits to staff, but not how this makes you money. Do affiliates need to purchase something from your company, is it advertising? How do you vet who can become and affiliate? Also, were you going to have an ask for an amount from investors? Did I miss it?

Esther is this something you are doing in real life? Are there specific companies that you feel this will suit more? Who in particular would you target and why? Your outline of competitors seems fierce, I wonder if you could join forces with your competition to develop this service (?), it would get you brand and clients immediately and round out their more ‘process’ oriented approach. Or is this your idea too, build it, have proof of concept and then sell?

Great to have a workplace example to mull over!


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