Hi Esther, Yes, one of the risks is not…

Hi Esther,
Yes, one of the risks is not getting enough registrations. What I wanted to do, is push that risk down a bit. I was thinking along the lines of a wedding event – the newly married couple pay for a certain number of guests but if not all of the guests come they are still responsible for paying for the quoted amount (after a certain time). Marketing directly to journals who already have a database of users, subscribers, I felt would reach a targeted group. However, I do love your idea of partnering with libraries. I wonder if libraries can share their data on journal usage etc.

Oh, and you totally caught me by pointing out a very important flaw in my business design. I am loyal to a fault. I have worked with the dream team for over seven years. We have been bumped around and always come out on top. I trust them with my money and reputation. I know I could develop this with other people but I would hate to loose someone from the team because of initial money flow restrictions. It is probably why I will never make it as an entrepreneur, sigh.

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