Hi Gary, Your venture pitch was really w…

Hi Gary,

Your venture pitch was really well done and, if this were a real product, I would be inclined to pursue investment.

My device knowledge is mostly limited to iOS, but I can see that the basic components of your concept do exist in different forms (eg: family controls/sharing, screen sharing…), so the idea seems like it could potentially work.

While I am not a teacher, the pain point seems real to me just from observing my children at home. I can’t imagine wrangling a multitude of children on devices and trying to keep them on task.

Beyond the basic concept and the clear identification of the need, the strengths of your pitch were the roles you identified for your core team and fact that you were looking forward and were able to identify how the tool could evolve and provide more functionality.

You did a good job with this, Gary. Many thanks for sharing.


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