Hi GBL team! Thanks for creating such an…

Hi GBL team! Thanks for creating such an informative website; really loved how the website was set up for us to “progress” through the OER “game”. You’ve provided a lot of information with regards to game-based learning for us to consider. I particularly enjoyed the literature research, especially Gee’s principles (I’ll be bookmarking that page for future reference).

I read in another study that collaborative games actually result in greater increase in performance, compared to games that use leaderboards and points and competition. That study also reported that games that use AI technology to adapt the difficulty of the questions in the game based on current student performance results in even greater academic achievement than collaborative and competitive games. I used to think that educational games that can most resemble a video game would be the most successful ones, but that study found otherwise. Were you able to find any games that give students the opportunity to work together towards a common goal? Are games like that less common in the edu-market than competitive ones (and if so, why might that be)?

Jagušt, T., Botički, I., & So, H. (2018). Examining competitive, collaborative and adaptive gamification in young learners’ math learning. Computers & Education, 125, 444-457.