Hi Gregory, You have posed some great qu…

Hi Gregory,

You have posed some great questions!

I agree, we live at a very unprecedented time in our history. It is great and we should be encouraged to share our knowledge and experience. This is a good process for us as individuals to make sense and process what we are experiencing and also learn and benefit from one another’s experiences. Together we are stronger, and it is only by working together and collaborating that we will be able to navigate the adversities of this time.

I’ve been thinking that it is going to be really important to take into consideration the quality, accessibility, connectivity and engagement of the experiences created and offered. From my experience and studies in education technology I’ve learned to appreciate the important of researching and considering the learning technology selection, design and application. That’s something I really want to impress and champion going forward. It’s not just what you do but how you do it and considering all the factors to create a meaningful and impactful experience. Engaging learners is going to be key moving forward if we are to survive and thrive in this new era of learning. Getting people engaged in online mediums is different than engaging them in a face to face context (which has been the general practice in most educational institutions up until now) and we have to learn how to engage learners in this effectively. For some it may be easier than others. There are those who have resisted interacting with technology for a long time and therefore this may be a difficult time for them as a result. Do you have any thoughts about how to help those who are not familiar with online learning adjust to this new method of interaction? And that applies to both teachers and students.