Hi guys, GREAT site. I LOVE the idea of…

Hi guys,
GREAT site. I LOVE the idea of having a completed tips and tricks book for the MET program. Great design for your OER.
2 Takeaways:
1. All the list of resources your offered – is the one you promoted the best one to use? I notice you produced your book in Avast – is this a free resource compared to Kitaboo?
2. The opportunity to actually try creating content in an online book. I loved looking at not only the one you produced but getting great ideas from all the contributors.

Great intro videos ~ loved them all. The way you presented the visual timeline was a great way to present this info. What program did you use for this? I also quite enjoyed your quiz program – I liked seeing the percentages of the answers to date. I was looking for something like that for our OER so I definitely made note of this program.

Overall, very enjoyable experience. Very unique way to present information.

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