Hi Hanna. I really like the idea in your…

Hi Hanna. I really like the idea in your pitch. Overall my impression is that you’ve created a really convincing and polished assignment.

I think your elevator pitch would benefit from editing. It’s almost 3x the length of what it should be and it loses a lot of the impact and excitement that a quick high energy elevator pitch is supposed to generate.

I was really mad at myself after reviewing your assignment because I regret not using more visuals. I know this will sound superficial but graphs/charts/diagrams just make things look more professional. They visuals are high-impact and communicate quickly. They make your ideas stand out in a crowd full of long videos and text heavy presentations. I think a little extra elaboration however would be helpful explaining some of your slides. I wonder if you had chopped down your elevator pitch video to one minute if that content would have fit better embedded throughout the venture pitch?