Hi, I think that your company’s solution…

Hi, I think that your company’s solution is relevant across many industries. Some of the employee training at my husband’s sawmill, for example, is now provided by an outside service and people applying for management positions are required to go complete a personality test that is also conducted by an outside company. Although your elevator pitch clearly defines the problem, I would recommend designating more time to the description of the product and speeding up the narrative to make it more engaging. I had a much better understanding of your concept after reading the magazine and I appreciate your unique presentation platform. Your presentation states that you are willing to share financial details, customer pool stats etc. with serious potential investors. I realize that this is an appropriate response for the media you have chosen (magazine); however, as a reviewer, I would like to be able to critique your estimates. Have you considered how many potential customers you may have in BC? What does your revenue model look like? How much do you charge for services? I found this difficult to do for my pitch (without being able to perform my own market research) but I think that it is important to include in a venture pitch.

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