Hi James, I love the elevator pitch. The…

Hi James,

I love the elevator pitch. The problem is clearly stated and the solution makes sense. Also, your interest in solving this problem is evident and your background shows that you have the skills required to do so. A question I had after the pitch was whether the market is favorable for your product. Maybe information about the market size would have helped me to have a sense of the market of your product. However, the problem, the solution, your interest, and your skills have caught my attention.
The venture pitch is great. I like how you explain the product features and specifications. As a Math teacher, I know that the gap that your venture aims to fill in the market that is an unlimited supply of hassle-free, highly comparable practice questions has a considerable value in the market. Online marketplace for original educational resources such as “teachers pay teachers” generates lots of revenue, this shows that the gap your venture aims to fill is invaluable. I know this because I am a teacher, I am not sure all potential investors would know this. I think specific information on the market that are favorable to the difference that your venture is bringing to the market would help to onboard more investors in the venture.

I thoroughly enjoy reviewing your work. It gave me insights I would use to enhance my venture. Thank you!